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Moon Magic CD


"From drawing down a column of pure energy Cathy and Renee began. Sometimes together, sometimes separately, they commenced our journey to come. Gradually the intensity grew. Cathy's voice, at times inspiring great otherness, at times inspiring fear, overlapped with Renee's evocative choice of sounds made. Instrumental sounds inspiring emotions whilst vocal tones expressed emotions. Overtones from the Tibetan bowls were harmonics between voice and instrument. Either way, both conjoined like twin beings to take us to a cosmos other than this Earthly space" - Review by Psychonics

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Crystal Chakras CD

Crystal Chakras CD

"Renee Cashman’s new album ‘Crystal Chakras’ takes the listener on a sonic journey to balance and align the chakras. Two predominant sounds are used throughout. The powerful sound of the Quartz Crystal bowls is married with the songs of the Humpbacked whales, the latter being used to create a bridge between each of the seven tracks on the album. Interwoven through these hypnotic bowl and whale sounds, Renee introduces a variety of other high frequency sound instruments, which she has added to her toolkit over the many years of her work as a sound healer. Chimes, bells, rattles, Native American and Ocean drums, the primal strains of the Didgeridoo and the other-worldly songs of the harmonic whirlies, all serve to enrich the soundscape. ‘Crystal Chakra’s is an album tailor made for meditation and for helping one to de-stress.” - Lia Scallon - Sounds of Sirius

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Soul Harmonics CD - The Cosmic Seed






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Connect in Harmony CD

Connect in Harmony is a wonderful introduction to the more spiritual aspect of songwriting in the Far North.  This generous 16 track compilation offers the listener a chance to ‘connect’ with the meditative and contemplative, evoking a sense of peace and tranquillity. Established artists like David Hudson, Jeremiah Johnson and Lia Scallon sit well alongside those up and coming, such as Lani Brouwer Hughes and Bec Drollinger.  Each share their own individual voice and musical style with one common link…that of life lived in a place of immense beauty and isolation from ‘big cities’ that cannot fail to influence and inspire. Instrumental meditation and relaxation sounds from Yen Wynndancer, Renee Cashman and Soul Harmonics blend perfectly with thought- provoking lyrics and melodic vocals from Shells, Astrid Elika, Frank Frikker and more.  A mix of folk, roots, indigenous and world sounds, Connect in Harmony is sure to soothe the soul... and it just may help heal the heart." - Aleta Tulk - Program Director -Cairns Folk n Roots/Tablelands Folk Festival

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Crystal Chakras CD and Soul Harmonics CD

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Crystal Chakras CD and Connect in Harmony CD

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Connect in Harmony + Soul Harmonics + Crystal Chakras CD

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