June July 2017

June July 2017

COVER ARTIST: Susanna Isabella

COVER TITLE: The Ancient Buddha

MEDIUM: Acrylic



I have been a clairvoyant for the last 34 years. It all changed in 2003 when I had a near death experience which blessed me to be a medium. A messenger for the spirit world to transmit personal messages to you. I always ask everyone to prepare themselves with a list of additional questions and will channel first all the information without seeing the list of questions. After I channel, using the Ally Crystal Cards by Naisha Ahsian. I will then ask if there is a question. Normally all the questions have already been automatically answered. I work for over 1 hour and 30 mins or more for one set price for $200 dollars, 1 hour $150 ...and also for phone readings. Sometimes it is not only spirit guides that come through but also loved ones with very personal messages. It can be quite overwhelming for the receiver and for me too. I work with integrity and hope to achieve clarity and insight.
I am in my New Vision Art Gallery in Port Douglas in Macrossan Street above Paddy’s Irish Pub. From Thursday / Friday / Sat/Sunday from 10am until 4pm, for the last reading session available only by arranged appointment.Have an appointment with your spirit guide. Most of all I feel we are all interconnected and I believe in the spirit of Unity!
Heaps of testimonies: fb Medium&Clairvoyant Susanna Isabella
With love and light, Susanna Isabella

Have you ever been lost in the dark and reached for the light but it won’t turn on or it is no longer where it used to be? Your heartbeat quickens as the darkness gets thicker. It's like someone has wrapped a blanket around you from head to toe and the more you move around looking for an escape the more the blanket pulls tighter, making you almost immobile. It is so tight you wonder how you are still breathing. You have no idea how this happened.

Then the unthinkable happens and you stop seeking the light. You stop fighting the darkness; you allow it to take you over. Your spark is gone. You hide beneath that blanket in that darkness, laying still, safe from the world, safe from everything and everyone. You are here but you are not here. You are gone but you are not gone. You can see and feel the pain of your loved ones, but you cannot reach out. You are lost in the dark.

Streams of light occasionally come through little tears that appear in the blanket; but as quickly as they come they disappear and blackness is once again all you see. Then one day when the tear has happened a little bit of extra light moves through. Something seeps down into your bones, shaking you from your bleakness.

For me it was an email, from a kundalini yoga instructor who asked me if it was depression or if it was transformation.

Light tore open the darkness and she gave me five steps to follow:

  • Sit, meditate and pray every day.
  • Allow emotions to flow. There’s nothing wrong with them.  E-motion = energy in motion.
  • Sweat every day, do something that gets you out in nature. Hike, run, surf or go roller blading.
  • Listen deeply to the call of your soul and do what it says. Align with your inner being—this is where the peace is.
  • Accept that life is contrast. There can be no light without dark so learn to ride the wave.

(These steps come directly from Sukhdev Jackson.)

Regeneration can be defined as renewal through internal processes of body or system. That’s what I’m doing regenerating through my divinity. We can never truly find happiness outside of ourselves but we can also never truly find it within ourselves either, not until we answer the universal question: why am I here? And find self-acceptance. We can only do this through connecting to our own divinity to understand our purpose, through embracing the energy body through gifts like reiki, kundalini yoga, or chakra dance. For you, only you can answer that eternal question.  And don't be afraid to explore all the options until you find the one that works for you. What speaks to one will not necessary speak to another. Go forth, and explore. There is no right or wrong as you reach inside to find your grace.

I have struggled with self-acceptance.  A line from a favourite song of mine would echo through my head: “I fake it so real I am beyond fake.” And, honestly, that’s how I felt about myself. I was someone faking it. When people tried to connect to me I could not see why they would bother. I would be baffled by the experience. I felt unworthy. It was not until I connected to the light of my divinity that I truly began to break the shackles that chained me. It was regeneration through soul medicine.

I share this story as I feel silence and the feelings of shame associated with what we call depression are our biggest barrier to moving forward. As I have journeyed forth in my regeneration of soul and found the strength to talk about what has happened, other people have felt safe to respond in kind. So this is to all out there who have suffered or are suffering: you are not alone! We are all in this together. Reach out and take a hand. It’s okay to be not okay.

Danielle is a Reiki practitioner and a Chakradance facilitator. She lives in Julatten is contactable via blissedoutbutterfly@gmail.com or 0740941128 for appointments and workshops.


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