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COVER ARTIST: Susanna Isabella COVER TITLE: The Ancient Buddha MEDIUM: Acrylic CONTACT:  www.susannaisabella.com.au www.susannaisabellamedium.com I have been a clairvoyant for the last 34 years. It all changed in 2003 when I had a near death experience which blessed me to be a medium. A messenger for the spirit world to transmit personal messages to you. […]

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  Grand Master Shin told us a story about the origins of medicine. In the mountains herbs were discovered and mastered, in the city body work and massage were discovered and mastered, and by the oceans acupuncture was discovered and mastered. A long, long time ago fisherman accidently pricked themselves with fish bones and discovered […]

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Harmony CD Cover Artist: Beau Deeley  Contact: www.beaudeeley.net Buy Now! Connect Magazine has branched out and created a compilation Harmony CD featuring 16 fantastic tracks, for only $10! Most of the music chosen is from our own local and talented musicians and few from other areas in Australia are featured also! This awesome project was […]