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Despite the non-event that 2012 seemed to have been, the ‘shift’ in consciousness has been more profound than understood.

Whether by design or destiny, this last decade has seen a transformation in the relationship between Spirituality and Science. Thanks to theoretical and Quantum physics, Science has revealed what the ancient Vedas had clearly perceived nearly 4,000 years ago – the subtle but undeniable connectedness of all consciousness and matter. Whatever state – plasma, liquid, gaseous, solid or energetic, everything is one within the great universal biofield.

‘Biofield’ is the word used by a team of National Institute of Health scientists in 1994 to describe the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. It is composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and hypothetical subtle energy, or chi.  This idea has since been expanded on by theoretical Quantum physics as the energetic signature of the Universal matrix.

AS ABOVE SO BELOW: Heremticism, quantum physics and the universal signature

Hermeticism, the esoteric science that emerged from the work of the mystic Hermes Trismegistus, observed the philosophical aphorism  ‘That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One  Now, thanks to Quantum Physics, this mantra ‘As Above...So Below,’ has become a scientific actuality.

Quantum Physics is, essentially, the study of the structural nature of the multi-dimensional Universe. Thanks to developments in theoretical Quantum physics and technology, Science is now able to map the energy signature of not only organic and non-organic matter, but has allowed us to ‘see’ the energy signatures of planets, stars, galaxies and even the Universe itself. And what it reveals is startling.

Surrounding every energy source, from massive super-giant stars to sub-atomic particles, is a distinctive toroidal (see graphic) pattern of energy that can best be described as a distorted doughnut. If you can imagine an infinite series of energy strings emanating from and returning to the core of this doughnut then you have a picture of not only the essential energy matrix of the human form but the shape of Universe – and by extension, the shape of God (assuming we all agree that ‘god’ is that vast intelligence that created everything and therefore IS everything!). Theological doctrine aside, it seems Man IS made in god’s image after all! This toroidal image of the universal energy matrix is what is described as: the Bio-Field.


The Auric Field, the Etheric body, the meridians of Chinese medicine, Kinesiology, Reiki, EFT, shamanic healing, Access Consciousness Bars, Chakra healing and a host of energetic healing therapies are all either manifestations of or modalities that interact with the multi-dimensional energy matrix or biofield, from which the human form is constructed.

The biofield blueprint, links cellular activity with the meridian pathways and is the superhighway that allows up to 14 strands of DNA to communicate holistically and intelligently with up to 22 perceived vibratory states, all of which are based on strings of energy frequencies radiating from our energy core.

This energetic blueprint represents the ‘what, why, where, when, who and how’ we are emotionally, physical, mentally and spiritually from moment to moment. And, just like any blueprint, can be read, scanned and interpreted in the context of our state of holistic health and balance. This is usually the point where allopathic western diagnostics opt out and where activated alternative energetic therapies step in.

And it’s not snake-oil mumbo-jumbo, dancing around burning pits of coal or choking the room with the smoke of pungent herbs…alternative therapies that access the biofield, understand and embrace the scientific principles that maintain the integrity of this very powerful approach to healing. Scanning devices and electro-acupoint massagers identify where excess, blocked or weak energy frequencies may be causing imbalances and health issues, then can be used to activate, tune, or revitalize and restore levels of optimum health. We are all energy beings and transceivers for an infinite array of frequencies across multi-dimensions. The biofield is, in fact, a complex living structure independent of but linked inextricably to the physical form such that even when a limb is lost, its energy signature remains. This energy signature is described as ‘bioresonance.’


Bioresonance therapy is a diagnostic and treatment procedure that, thanks to the ‘discoveries’ of Quantum Science, is pioneering the way forward into new fields of healing based on interpreting the fluctuations in the human biofield. Technology, too, is opening up exciting opportunities to enter this relatively new era of health science such as: the development of advanced alloys in the manufacture of tuning forks, that, when activated, vibrate precisely at the resonant frequency of the body’s energy matrix… hand-held electro-acupuncture massagers that identify location of and then treat the energetic balance of acupuncture points; there are a plethora of quantum scanning devices, and other similar devices, that diagnose blood condition, bone density fluctuations, organ and system (lymphatic, respiratory, circulatory etc) health, that operate on weak, non-thermal electro-magnetic fields and – potentially, processes of consciousness.


There is no doubt there has been a quantum consciousness shift in the science community around alternative healing technologies. And at this rate of acceleration, Star Trek science is no longer just science fiction but is fast becoming profound science fact.

Peter Merrill, Biofield Resonance Therapist, Holistic Wellness Counsellor and spiritual author. 



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