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Therapy Feature

Treats for Your Feet

Whats on the menu?  Reflexology, Vitaflex or Raindrop Technique… they’re all divine and we love them all… but which is perfect for YOU?

Virtually everyone I know adores a little foot tantalisation don’t they? A soft tickle, a rub or a gentle push here and there… it’s all gorgeous!

If I dare say …”who wants to try Reflexology, Vitaflex or Raindrop Technique”, most will have their shoes off and be horizontal, poking their little pink tooties at me before they’ve figured out what they’ve lined up for…. Why?  Because there is very little else that is soooo soothing and nurturing AND only requires you to get barefoot and offer up the knobbly bits on the end of your legs!  Yes, foot pampers of all descriptions are greatly loved and benefit everyone…. even our beloved pets!!!

BUT….here’s the tragedy – you can take hold of your own feet and do exactly the same movements on them, but you just can’t seem to get the same “ahhhhhhh.…”  feeling like you get when someone spoils your tooties for you.

But most will rarely, if ever, indulge in a full foot treatment.  Many are lured to whole body massage, presuming it’s more beneficial, and some don’t think it is working unless it is turning them inside out or hammering delicate tissue with super-intensive trigger point or deep tissue work strong enough to make a sheet of steel scream in pain!

But, despite misperceptions about it having to hurt to be effective, or must be whole body massage, many have in fact already discovered that you certainly CAN benefit the entire body without hammering every inch into oblivion.  Working the body via the feet feels fantastic AND is every bit as beneficial for our whole body health and wellness.

Why choose feet only and not whole body?

  • Non-invasive - especially great for those who dislike massage (yes these people do exist). Some aren’t comfy with undressing or exposing body parts for massage, while others have experienced trauma or injury or poor body image. Some may have physical limitations that restricts them, or some may not like the sensation or pressure of a massage, so feet are a great option.
  • Feet techniques are a great health care tool that compliment other qualified medical advice
  • Versatility and portability – you can care for feet anywhere, any time, on anyone or any animal – providing they’ll sit still and have no contraindications or barriers
  • Customised easily for each person (or animals) unique situation
  • No special equipment required – find a suitable place, get comfy, you offer up your “piggies” and receive, and I do the pamper, easy
  • Can include divine therapeutic grade essential oils to intensify and enhance each session – pure, unadulterated essential oils hold natures intelligence and are readily used by the body wherever needed.
    • Essential oils smell divine and can boost the potency of any session
    • Can also access the parts of the brain responsible for emotion and memory, and thus help us to unlock emotional blocks.

Hmmmm…. Sounds good but how does it work?

The feet have specific areas and zones – which are really just a map.  These areas each mirror and correspond to the different parts of the body. If you palpitate the reflexes in one zone or area of the feet, you’ll also affect corresponding body areas.... so simple really.

OK… Show Me the Menu!

There are of course many ways to work with feet, and I love, love, love ALL foot work, but my personal faves (give and receive): Reflexology, Vitaflex and Raindrop Techniques.

  1. Reflexology

    – is perhaps the best known

  • It’s a modern technique, arising from ancient methods used by many cultures for centuries
  • Continuously evolves, but stays firm on the principle that the feet are simply a map of the body - working one area on the feet, affects another area in the body such as organs, glands, limbs etc...
  • Once familiar with this “foot map”, you understand where to stimulate to revitalise and rebalance specific areas in the body
  • Techniques used are mostly a thumb or finger crawl, a caterpillar like movement which triggers and stimulates reflexes. Pressure is not severe and benefits will be achieved if the reflexes are adequately stimulated
  • Divine relaxation techniques are incorporated throughout your session which deepens your relaxation immensely!
  • Takes 1 – 1.5 hours, either laying, reclined or sitting, and natural lubricant (often talc) is used to create a gliding, rhythmic feel
  1. Vitaflex

    – “Vitality Through the Reflexes”

  • Is a version of Tibetan Reflexology and quite different to mainstream Reflexology
  • Based on similar principles to Acupuncture or Acupressure – the body has its own internal “controls” (reflexes) and when Vitaflex Techniques are applied to these points the body is supported to rebalance and return to wellness
  • A session starts with a soothing extended energy balance - pure, potent therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils are applied and synergise with the body’s natural intelligence to help to rebalance and harmonise. The skill and perceptions of the practitioner contributes greatly also
  • There are more than 5000 Vitaflex reflex points on the body and like Reflexology, these points are palpitated instead of working directly on damaged or injured areas
  • Each time control points are Vitaflexed, electrical energy is transmitted to locations in the body, triggering our body’s own divine intelligence to repair and correct, eliminating unwanted patterns and rebuilding anew
  • What’s great about Vitaflex?
    • It’s not just about feet! The basics are done on the lower legs and feet, and followed with special supportive techniques chosen to support either the scalp, neck, arms, hands, ankles or ears – who wouldn’t love that?
    • There’s no rubbing or heavy pressure that could harm delicate tissue
    • Done fully clothed, non invasive, no special gear and so versatile
    • Young Living essential oils – especially selected and applied for physical and emotional support
    • Takes around an hour depending on the special moves selected
  1. Raindrop Technique

    – gentle and potent

  • Raindrop Technique combines unique, targeted bodywork with dripping (like raindrops falling) and anointing of pure, therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils on the feet and back - a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, & relaxing experience that’s loved by people and animals
  • Feet are the stars in the first half of every session - you’re indulged from the beginning with a soothing balance of the body’s electrical energy. Don’t be at all surprised if you slide into a deep state of relaxation – snoring is common in Raindrop!
    • For approx. half an hour I gently anoint your feet with a selection of essential oils combined with a version of Tibetan Reflexology – part of the full Vitaflex Technique
    • Typically, each foot is anointed with around 24 drops of oil per foot!
    • Soothed and deeply relaxed, you turn over to receive another half hour of an abundance of essential oils dripped onto your spine and feathered or massaged in using various bodywork techniques …. There’s simply nothing else like it!
    • The oils should remain on the skin as long as possible and continue to support your body to realign and rebalance.
    • Suits all ages and circumstances – and supports physically as well as emotionally

iTOVi – takes the guesswork out of choosing the right oils for you!

This amazing device takes just a minute or two to “read” your body and determine what essential oils it needs right now.  Using the same technology as Fitbit, iTOVi makes assements and eliminates the guesswork from choosing oils – it’s all right there in your iTOVi report!

Animals have feet too! (OK, paws or hooves maybe…but they love treats too!)

Did you know many animals love their legs and feet done too? They too have reflex points and can greatly benefit just like you.  If they can stay still long enough, then there are ways to give them a little treat too…. don’t they deserve it for all they give to us? I work with animals using a variety of techniques, and I’m happy to share info if it benefits our animal friends.

Like to learn how to spoil others too?

You love to learn fun, new things right? Even better if it’s incredibly useful and spoils your loved ones - even furbabies!  So, join with others who want to discover how too – “Playshops” are typically 2-4 hours, and are casual and relaxed.  AND the best part….(drumroll)…. you’ll get your feet totally pampered in the process! So… who are you going to spoil first?

I love what I do….

My passion is supporting and empowering people.  It’s simply all about YOU… every clinic session or training delivered is designed to support YOU ~ to realign and return you to your best version of balance and wellbeing you can be.  So, let me know how I can help you achieve it.

Dianne Pollard. Align Therapies & Training. Phone: 0413 588 091




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