The Human Design System

The Human Design System

What are our highest purposes in this life and how best can we nurture our potential, whether as partners, parents or pioneers? I have studied the Divine Arts including many different astrologies, numerology, the i’Ching and tarot for decades, seeking answers to life’s eternal questions. Human Design is a contemporary cosmology that integrates core elements of these ancient wisdoms to reveal our unique Rave BodygraphTM (below).            A personalised ‘user manual’ to help us navigate the turbulent yet exciting times we share.

Human Design has genuine application to most aspects of modern life, from self-realisation, partnership harmony and nurturing children, to group collaboration dynamics and it even explains Unified Field Theory (how atomic and quantum physics coexist).            It is a complete science with the knowledge to help humanity resolve our challenges.

In this article and Rhonda’s review we provide a brief overview of Human Design and how you can take advantage of this ‘game changing’ science, without having to understand it in great detail.

Two lots of astrological data, one each for our body (red) and mind (black) provide the base data which imprints up to 26 of 64 i’Ching gates, ordered around the zodiac in the Rave MandalaTM (below). The i’Ching gates represent the different attributes of humanity. When the centres (square and triangular nodes which corelate to chakras) are connected by an imprinted channel, they (get coloured in) and broadcast out through our aura as consistent elements of our nature. The white centres are not ‘broken’, they show where we receive ‘conditioning’ from life and through our interaction with others; and with this sacred wisdom and worldly discipline can become our greatest strengths in this life.

Our genes are naturally attracted to ‘difference’ because they seek to expand the gene pool; yet this attraction without discernment, can result in our minds’ pulling the ‘wrong’ people, and or circumstances into our lives. Human Design shows us our unique nature (free of societal conditioning) and how to simply ‘check in’ with our body’s consciousness to ensure that our ‘monkey mind’ does not lead us off our spiritual path. Yoga is the ‘union’ between our body and mind; Human Design shows us how this union operates uniquely within each of us.

Our circumstance and fortune in life are largely defined by the quality of the decisions we make. Our lives can improve if we understand who we really are, free of conditioning, and know how to make decisions as our ‘true’ selves.

It is easy to get lost in the detail of Human Design because it is so intellectually intriguing. I encourage anyone interested in it, to practice applying their personal ‘strategy and authority’ into their lives before they attempt to understand it in depth. We don’t need to have an engineering degree to drive a car and thankfully Human Design provides a simple strategy that connects you to your highest evolutionary inner chakra, to make decisions that are correct for your mind and body; so that your unique life purpose can unfold naturally without resistance.

Human Design is not for everybody yet, but should this article resonate for you i will happily sent you your advanced Human Design chart, if you email your name, place, date and time (or best guess) of birth to me at      I integrate Human Design with the other Divine Arts to provide a broad palette of spiritual and practical insights to clients seeking self-realisation, direction, relationship harmony, health, considering relocation and or the year ahead.

An hour’s explanation of your advanced Human Design chart is $60, or $30 if you are under 30. Free monthly 90 minute ‘Learning to Navigate Life’ workshops are tailored to suit the participants designs, location and availability.     I also facilitate a weekly online discussion group for advanced students and can email you the full range of services, workshops and courses offered. My passion is for showing people how to practically apply this amazing wisdom.

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