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Compilation Harmony CD

Compilation Harmony CD

Cover Artist: Beau Deeley


Buy the Harmony CD Now!

Connect Magazine has branched out and created a compilation Harmony CD featuring 16 fantastic tracks, for only $10! Most of the music chosen is from our own local and talented musicians and few from other areas in Australia are featured also!

This awesome project was created not only to help local musicians connect with a wider audience, but also for those listening to be reminded of the harmony within us all. The CD celebrates National Harmony Day on 21st March and also coincides with Connect Magazine’s 100th edition, totalling nine years of publishing in North Queensland.

Available from selected outlets and online at

And although Connect Magazine is itself a not-for-profit organisation, run mostly by volunteers, 20% of profits made from the sale of this CD will be donated to the Phaung Daw Orphanage in Myanmar (Burma). A system has been created whereby the monks who run this orphanage collect 100% of the monies, which can be used to feed, clothe and educate these children, creating more harmony for them too!

A variety of songs are featured with something for everyone to enjoy. You can see the list of songs by following this link

“Connect in Harmony is a wonderful introduction to the more spiritual aspect of song writing in the Far North. This generous sixteen-track compilation offers the listener a chance to ‘connect’ with the meditative and contemplative, evoking a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Established artists like David Hudson, Jeremiah Johnson and Lia Scallon sit well alongside those up and coming such as Lani Brouwer Hughes and Bec Drollinger. Each share their own individual voice and musical style with one common link – that of life lived in a place of immense beauty and isolation from ‘big cities’ that cannot fail to influence and inspire.

Instrumental meditation and relaxation sounds from Yen Wynndancer, Renee Cashman and Soul Harmonics blend perfectly with thought-provoking lyrics and melodic vocals from Shells, Astrid Elika, Frank Frikker and more.

A mix of folk, roots, indigenous and world sounds, Connect in Harmony is sure to soothe the soul … and it just may help heal the heart.”

Reviewed by Aleta Tulk, Program Director, Cairns Folk ‘n Roots/Tablelands Folk Festival