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Launching the Victorian Edition of Connect Magazine

Launching the Victorian Edition of Connect Magazine

Summer Solstice December 2014

Connect Magazine has been operating successfully in North Queensland for over 10 years and is a high quality product with a strong, loyal readership base, focused on informing, inspiring and integrating our community. We are excited about bringing this opportunity to ‘connect’ to the people of Victoria.

Travelling through Daylesford, Victoria a few months ago, I was suddenly struck with the inspiration to create a Victorian Edition of Connect Magazine. This was not such a new idea. I had always held the vision of Connect becoming a national magazine with branches in each state. I was however, waiting for the time that these seeds would blossom.

Others have known about this national vision and suggested areas to begin but none resonated and moved me into action, until my trip to Victoria in July 2014, when it became clear that Victoria is to be the first branch of Connect Magazine.
From the moment I was struck with the awareness that this is the place and time to begin branching out, I have watched in awe and amusement at the synchronicities that began to occur.

After I landed back in Cairns, I had eight people from Victoria attend my sound meditation and tell me how much they would love a Connect Magazine down there; followed by journalist and health food fanatic, Jane, who phoned to say that she’d love to get on board writing for Connect but that she is moving to Victoria shortly. A therapist from Victoria phoned to arrange advertising in Connect Magazine as she’s holding workshops in North Queensland and through our discussion she is also happy to be involved in helping the magazine finds its new roots in Victoria! I feel a huge amount of energy totally supporting this inspiration.

A couple of weeks ago, before I went for another trip to Victoria to continue setting up this southern edition, I dreamt I had to jump off a building. I was not frightened, I stood on the edge and thought, that’s not far to jump and look at all the gorgeous cushions for me to land on. LOL

After building a database and contacting people in Victoria, I jumped on a plane to follow up in person with as many people as possible in four days. Standing in the airport as soon as I’ve landed, my phone rings. It’s Sandy who has just returned home to Daylesford after a trip to Cairns. “I saw the Connect Magazine in Cairns and just loved it. When I came home I was surprised to see it in my local coffee shop, and then I went to work and saw a lady with a Connect Magazine poking out of her bag, then I hear you’re starting a Victorian edition, and I’d love to be involved.”

I tell Mark Curtis, who lives in Victoria, that I really need a map of Melbourne so I can see the suburbs and where the outlets are for distribution. As he leaves work one day he sees a map sticking out of a dumpster, yep a map of Melbourne, exactly what I needed, laminated and all. J

My flight home to Cairns was changed and on the plane I was sitting next to a lovely friendly lady, Juachita, who enquired about the book I was reading (The Hope by Andrew Harvey) and as we get talking one thing leads to another and before I know it, we have another volunteer to distribute Connect Magazine in the suburbs around her home in Melbourne.

It’s wonderful to see these synchronicities and so many more when you undertake a venture such as this, it lets you know that you are in the right place at the right time, doing what’s meant to be. So we are super excited…