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Spring Equinox 2015

Spring Equinox 2015

Cover-VIC_SEPT_15_Katia_DanceofCreationCOVER ARTIST: Katia Honor

COVER TITLE: Dance of Creation

MEDIUM: Oil, tempera and glaze on Canvas



Thank you for inviting my art into this inspiring community!

I aim to visually map the relationships between ethereal, esoteric, emotional and physical realms and share my views on mysticism and life’s strange, but blessed, experiences.  As a teacher of art at Melbourne’s Visionary Art Atelier, I am passionate about guiding artists to explore their own relationship to consciousness, spirituality, disciplined techniques and striving for beauty. This summer, everyone is welcome to exhibitions, retreats and classes in Melbourne, Byron Bay and Maleny with an artist I utterly adore, Daniel Mirante (from the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art).

Thank you for taking time to see my visions, and the world through my eyes and brush. Hopefully, I can dare you to explore your own relationship to art – whether in paint, music, dance, cooking… there are thousands of ways to bring your own beauty and art into other people’s lives.


Life is a collection of experiences that make up who we are in the given moment. Ancient medical practices teach us that happiness is our being in harmony with who we are and the space that we are in i.e. balance. Positive change can be likened to forward progress of the kind that will bring us happiness, presenting as ‘Inner Peace’. The outcome of positive change is the betterment of our lives and wellbeing through restoring balance. Positive change is required when we are moving in a direction that we are not sure is right for us, or we seeking re-direction from a position that we are unhappy with. A valuable inner compass to work with is the notion of:

‘Is this change life giving or life taking?’

To get the best out of our goal to create positive change towards ‘Inner Peace’, we must first be mindful of what intrinsic needs are motivating this change. To assist in establishing these needs and progressing forward successfully, the following list of questions have been created to establish a base structure for goal setting. This technique can be related to a variety of objectives, so I have left the word ‘goal’ as the basis for your future direction finder at any level.

  1. What are my needs related to this goal?
  2. What drives my needs that I now consider this a worthy goal?
  3. What plan or structure do I need to make my goals a reality?
  4. Do I need to give myself permission to take on this goal?
  5. Where am I now in my life that I consider this goal supportive to my future wellbeing?
  6. Where do I want to be in the future and how will this goal assist me accessing that future?

The words below can be used to add weight to your decision based upon what the goal represents to you. Considering the potential goal, be aware of what words you are naturally drawn to and the positive & negative feelings that arise from each word.




Now is the time for change. Universally change is an opportunity for growth. Sometimes growth comes from a negative experience, out of loss or letting go of what does not serve us best. Change allows room for the inflow of other energies that will serve us well in the future if they meet our intrinsic needs.

Establish goals and boundaries. In life we create our limitations through not knowing or understanding our strengths and weaknesses. To find our true boundaries we must sense our way forward, feeling for what is acceptable within ourselves. Our goals are a means to progress towards positive change.

Endure positives & negatives. Ups and downs are part of the human experience. We need to know what we like and know what we don’t. A valuable insight from the Yin / Yang philosophy is to walk the mid-line between the nature of two extremes. Learn ways to develop resilience within; to calm the waters when rough.

Direct your Will. We are open to positive change and resultant balance when we direct our own way forward. Your Will is your own and it is your decision that drives the cosmic forces for better or worse. To give our Will to another is to be separated from our own destiny and to be driven by the Will of another.

Seek support. Finding balance that represents ‘Inner Peace’ is a means to be alive in life. To move forward we need to accept challenges and to progress through them. That is the truth in goal setting. Remember that you are not alone. Someone is there to walk the path with you, you need only to Seek support and not fear asking for help when it is needed.


Preparing for success requires awareness that goals need boundaries, representing both structure and flexibility. Having a bit of a mindful Ying / Yang approach allows for life to happen yet brings us back to the concept of the goal with a new realisation gained from reflecting & processing our experiences in having undertaken to achieve the goal.


  1. ___________________________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________________________________
  4. ___________________________________________________________________


Specific    goals can be precise and clear, but can include an adaptability potential (go with the flow). This allows for a little divine intervention or guidance to permeate along the way. Answer the questions: Who is involved? Where do I go to do it? What do I need to do it?

Measurable goals are part of illusion. What we need to know is what we feel on the inside and is it in reference to the goal or to the experience that we are having whilst trying to achieve our goal.

Achievable goals require the justification that they are able to be incorporated into your life and that change is acceptable to you, to allow the achievement of your goals.

Realistic  goals represent the vision of the future whilst reflecting on past experiences – good & bad. Are you willing and able to promote yourself into these goals and are they life giving or life taking.

Timeframes give us a measure of where we are. Are we in the moment? Are we living this goal experience or just going through the paces to achieve another delusion of grandeur. When we set our goals in life we are seeking a way forward that commands our nature into nurture. Time is its own judge and shall pass verdict when we have allowed our direction to progress to where we need to be.

Evaluate your goals again and be aware that flexibility is part of the end game. Shallow or rushed   consideration will often be the undoing of your project. Know your experience as you are now, as you need to be and as you will be when you have progressed forward. Yours is to follow your own way forward. Let your Heart be the beacon that guides you. Know within that it is right and if you question, seek support.

Re-do your goals if necessary and simplify when required to create a more basic structure to work from. From little things, big things grow. Small steps are the start of a long journey towards positive change. Over achieving is comparable to under achieving if life is without balance. Be aware that our end result is transient on the path to fulfilment of all Spiritual virtues.

Will Binks is Spirit Intuitive = Change Medium. A unique & powerful approach to integrated health, allowing for the removal of limitation to address dysfunction, restore balance & heal the body, mind & soul connection. Geelong. Phone: 0437 667 621