Feb March 2020

Feb March 2020

Cover Title: Base Chakra 

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While ‘enlightenment’ has always been about accessing states of consciousness beyond the boundary of the physical body, the focus of many spiritual seekers today is on ‘embodiment’ – how we feel in our body, how we relate to others, and how we do things in the world.

There has been a move toward spiritual practices that help us become more present within our bodies, more connected to humanity, and more grounded upon the Earth. It’s a shift that can help us heal our personal and collective trauma, at a time when many are struggling to resolve painful family or childhood issues, and stress and fear are rife in our society.

As the ‘depression epidemic’ would indicate, an unprecedented number of souls are feeling disconnected and many have lost interest in the pleasure of physical and material life. According to Dr Caroline Myss, medical intuitive and author of Anatomy of the Spirit, these particular issues are the domain of the base or ‘tribal’ chakra. Without attending to our base chakra issues, our efforts to heal ourselves and evolve spiritually will always be thwarted.

The chakra system can be likened to a ‘ladder’, which each rung representing a different stage of psychological and spiritual progression. We can think of this ladder as being divided into three distinct parts.

The first, second and third rungs on the ladder represent the first three chakras – base, sacral and solar plexus - and are responsible for survival, sense of Self, and inner power, respectively.

The fourth rung, and the mid-point on the ladder, represents the heart chakra, where personal and universal energies alchemise to create transformation.

The fifth, sixth and seventh rungs on the ladder represent the higher chakras – throat, third eye and crown - connecting us to universal energy and awakening us to Divine self-expression, insight and wholeness.

We need to resolve the issues of our three lower chakras first if we wish to reap the rewards of our higher chakras. As Dr Myss writes: “For all the many complex energies that run through our system, the first chakra is by far the most complex, because it is the beginning or root energy centre of your body.” It is the frontline of our inner resources, the filter through which life-force energy passes on its way to the other chakras.

With embodiment, there is no place for spiritual escapism or wishful thinking.  Instead, we must accept responsibility for the circumstances of our lives. The goal is not about becoming ‘more spiritual’, rather, it is about becoming ‘whole’, which, not coincidentally, shares the same root word as ‘heal’.

If we want to heal the base chakra, we must start by forgiving any family members we feel have erred us, and release the wounds of traumatic childhood memories that continue to keep us stuck.

That means working through difficult emotions, such as anger, abandonment, shame and despair, or whatever comes up for us, allowing ourselves to fully feel our emotions, and then allowing ourselves to let them go.

Unfortunately, many people hold the belief that strong emotions like these are ‘bad’, ‘dangerous’ or ‘unspiritual’. This is simply not true. When we deny, ignore or repress any part of our human experience, we are essentially lying to ourselves.  This constricts the amount of vital source energy that can flow through our base chakra and our energy system as a whole.

Since dealing with family issues and emotional trauma is never easy, it can help to work with a trained practitioner and find support from trusted friends. In addition, committing to a discipline such as yoga, qigong or tai chi, enhances the energetic communication lines between all the cells of the body and unites our physical form with the formless energy of our mind, heart and soul.

Tending to our base chakra energy also includes examining the beliefs we have inherited from our family and society, and evaluating whether they are congruent with our personal beliefs. Often times, the unconscious fear of ‘going against the tribe’ is what holds people back from changing their lives for the better, and this pattern can last a lifetime, preventing them from ever reaching their fullest potential.

Enlightenment is achievable for every one of us, but rarely can it be fast-tracked. It’s a high-vibrational energetic space that becomes more and more available to us as we work through our personal challenges in the world of matter and form.

As human beings, we cannot bypass embodiment to get to enlightenment, nor would we want to, as that would be missing the point. Embodiment is about honouring our body as our sacred temple, and accepting all of our life experiences as holy offerings, so that we can uncover, bit by bit, more of who we are, as both a physical and spiritual being.

Kerrie Womersley is the owner of Find Yourself Qigong & Coaching in Cairns.  Phone: 0448832966   Email: kerrie@findyourselfnow.com



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