Oct Nov 17 Edition #141

Oct Nov 17 Edition #141

Cover Artist: Amber Moon

Cover Title: Destiny

Medium: Acrylic

Contact: 0448 783 877

Email: lunargoddess11@gmail.com

My subject matter can be anything from detailed sacred geometric mandala designs to large, bold, expressionist styled landscapes. And my medium can be anything from chisels to charcoal. I work with canvas, bone, wood, old musical instruments and anything and everything that can be creatively transformed. Allowing my talent to evolve through complete and constant freedom of expression and limitlessness and to signify the variation of expression that can be captured in art.

Along with my personal and commissioned artworks, and being blessed as a mother of two beautiful children, I also own and operate 'Kuranda Dreadlocks' at the Original Rainforest Markets in Kuranda where, when I'm not busy doing dreadlocks, braiding or henna, I am making headdresses, jewellery, dream catchers, clothing and several other assorted creative explosions.

My main focus my art is to provoke positive thought. To spread positive vibrations. One Love 

A real-life story of how a simple question with a surprising answer can radically shift your perception of what it means to live your life's purpose.

I can still recall the moment vividly...

The spiritual teacher sat with his back straight against the chair and his feet firmly grounded on the wooden floorboards, his hands clasped in his lap.

He paused, allowing silence to speak more powerfully than words.

Light tumbled through the glass louvres above and bounced off the white walls, splashing sharp brushstrokes of sun across the heads and hands of the people seated around him.

Then, in a firm and steady voice, he asked "Who here is living their life's purpose right now?"  

There was Silence and Stillness.

His sharp gaze slowly swept the faces before him: "Please, take a moment and then answer the question aloud."

There was a wave of unease, eyes darting, legs shifting, shoulders tightening, coupled with sharp intakes of breath and rough rumbles of throat clearing.

The tension was palpable.

You could almost hear the anxious internal dialogue of the course participants as they grappled with their answer “Is this a trick question? What will people think of me if I answer yes, or if I answer no? Am I living my purpose? I really don't know... Shouldn't I know the answer to this question by now? Oh gosh, someone please tell me, what is my life's purpose? Not again, I'm so over that question! What am I going to say...yes, no, maybe?”

It's not often that one little question has the ability to elicit such a barrage of reactions and emotions, sending people into a spin of self-reflection and, more often than not, self-flagellation. Take a moment now to consider how you would personally respond to this question... Would you be able to answer with a definite "YES", a frustrated "No" or a shaky "Maybe"?

The teacher's mouth curved faintly upwards and his head nodded kindly with each person's response until the last person in the group had given their reply.

Muffled silence. Charged stillness.

He started to nod his head more emphatically, and then he asked, "Who has chosen to be here today because they truly want to be here?"

Tension dissolved as people reflected more easily on this latest question. There was a murmur of agreement that grew in strength and confidence, as people smiled enthusiastically at each other and voiced their answers aloud, "Yes, of course, most definitely!"

The teacher's mouth broadened and his youthful eyes creased at the corners, "Then all of you are living your life's purpose, right here, right now!"

In that moment, I had a bolt of awareness, a shift of perception and a breaking down of mind-made barriers; I am living my life's purpose right now!

The simplicity, ease and lightness of this realisation was incredible! I could feel the locked in tension, judgement, pressure and frustration fall away.

For so long my life's purpose felt tantalisingly out of reach, something that was held captive in an imaginary future. And the more I pushed, pulled, riled or squeezed, the more elusive it became.

Being asked that simple question and being given that surprising answer that day created space for a new understanding and a deeper level of self-awareness.

My life's purpose is not a destination or a date with destiny that never eventuates. I can live my purpose every day, right now! By following my inner guidance and making life choices that are in alignment with who I truly am.

From that moment on, I broadened my definition of what it means to be living my purpose. The phrase 'living my purpose' implies being in a continual state of presence and connectedness. This serves as an effective reminder if I feel myself falling back into old modes of thinking and struggling.

For example, I am living my purpose when I live in the now, take authentic action and act with integrity. When I follow my creative energetic impulses, say "YES" to whatever lights my fire, and say "NO" to whatever smothers my flame. When I choose love over fear, listen to and connect with whoever crosses my path, and allow the present moment to be exactly as it is, which is a powerful spiritual practice itself.

Living a life of purpose has motion and movement, rather than a rigid or fixed agenda. It is alive and grows in strength depending on the quality of attention I give this present moment.

I experience now, that purposeful living naturally leads me to my soul's calling, minus the stress and pressure.

It doesn't mean I don't have future visions or dreams, but I hold them in gentle loving hands, allowing them to stretch and grow and transform into something beyond my original imaginings.

So, Connect Magazine Reader, if you are reading the last line of this article and focusing your full attention on this present moment, I hope you too can confidently and knowingly answer the question:  "Who here is living their life's purpose right now?"

Lauren Wilson is a Mind-Body Practitioner and the creator of Soul Resonance Self Healing. She practices emotional anatomy, energy-based bodywork and offers guidance for living your truth and purpose every day.  Phone: 0401 924 156

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