Peace Day

Celebrating Peace on the International Day of Peace 

Peace... it’s something that we all want; for ourselves, for our family, for our community, for our planet. This festival day celebrates the International Day of Peace and helps cultivate peace in our communities.  This Peace Day is designed to guide the seeker back to peace and equip with tools to help guide you back there when we lose our way. We must first find the peace within ourselves before it can radiate from us and touch the community surrounding us and this festival focuses on both the individual and the community.

Body Mind & Harmony Market

The Body Mind Harmony Market as part of Peace Day will be held on the Sims Esplanade at Yorkeys Knob from 9am – 4pm. It will include a variety of market stalls, including massage, reflexology, bowen therapy, natural health, and eco-friendly products. There will also be demonstrations and workshops held throughout the day. Submissions open now for entertainers and demonstrations as well. To help foster kindness in our community stall holders have donated gifts to our Random Acts of Kindness, which Kindness Angels will give out randomly throughout the day.

The Body, Mind & Harmony Market is open to individuals or businesses with interests in spiritual and alternative health, specialties in massage, health and holistic remedies, crystals, arts, music, performing or retail products relating to these areas. This year’s festival will be bigger and better than ever and we invite individuals and businesses to book a stall site early. Stall sites will be situated along the Sims Esplanade, Yorkeys Knob.

Market Applications can be downloaded here:

Stall Application Peace Day 2020 Body Mind & Harmony Market

Global Mala Yoga for Peace

Following the lighting of the World Peace Flame we begin with The Global Mala Yoga for Peace, which is also a world-wide event, in which yoga communities around the world, form a ‘Mala around the Earth’ to support the International Day of Peace. This will include 108 rounds of the Sun Salutation as a demonstration of Peace in Action. There will be 6 Certified Yoga Teachers each leading 18 rounds of the Sun Salutation. It’s estimated that this will take approximately 2.5 hours to complete. Quite a workout! You’re welcome to bring a yoga mat and join in!

People Peace Sign

beach-peace-peace-sign-people-summerLet your desire for peace be seen by joining a Human Mandala Peace Sign on the beach at Yorkeys Knob from 3pm.

Connect with your commUnity in a heartfelt and fun community art piece. People will gather at 3pm on the beach to form the peace sign. Research shows that when a lot of people come together, with the common intention of peace, that it positively affects the community around them, with a noticeable and significant reduction in crime.



The festival will commence at 9am and run through until 4pm. Stall set up will be available from 7.00am.

All stall site equipment must be provided by the stall holder.

A $50 investment will secure you a stall site for the duration of the full day festival.

To book your site you can: phone Renee on  0428 846 799, email or via the application form


Why Exhibit

The Festival has the ability to provide your business with the following benefits:

 Sales opportunities

 Increased market exposure

 Opportunity to meet your target

 Opportunity to secure new clientele audience in a relaxed environment by collecting leads

 Launch new products or services

 Ability to demonstrate your to target audience product and its benefits

Take this opportunity to raise your profile and brand awareness for only a small investment.


Advertising Campaign

Our targeted marketing will deliver the right customers to you with a clientele eager to purchase and learn. The campaign includes: Coverage by council in their promotions of events for the International Day of Peace, press coverage in the Cairns Sun, Radio advertising with Cairns 98.1 FM, extensive coverage in Connect magazine, and integrated social media marketing through Connect Magazine Website and Facebook.

Random Gift of Kindness

To help raise the vibration throughout our Festival we will be giving away Random Gift of Kindness throughout the day to attendees. You can contribute to the success of RGOK by donating a product, gift voucher, class voucher or session from your business. A Kindness Card will accompany the gift acknowledging the business.

We look forward to welcoming you as part of the festival!